Livestock Studies 1994, Vol 34, Num, 1-2     (Pages: 059-078)

Fattening performance and carcass characteristics of male Angora kids fattened after weaning


1 Ziraat Bankası Genel Müdürlüğü, ANKARA,. Zir. Yük. Müh
2 A Ü. Ziraat Fakültesi, Zootekni Bölümü, ANKARA,. Doç. Dr.
Viewed : 157 - Downloaded : 80 The research was organised in order to determine fattening, slaughtering and carcass characteristics of Angora kids. Four months old fifteen head of Angora male kids were used in this research. Until kids were brought to test pen of Ankara University Faculty of Agriculture, they were fed with lamb concentrate feed and they sucked their mother. Fifteen male Angora kids were fattened ad-libitum along the 71 days test period. At the same time 100 g/day/head good quality alfa alfa hay was given them.

Liveweights of the kids at the beginning and termination of fattening period and average daily liveweight gain during whole fattening period 14.45 kg, 24.06 kg and 135.9 g respectively.

During the fattening period average daily concentrate consumption and feed efficiency of the kids 0.806 kg/day/head and 6.069 kg respectively.

At the end of the fattening period, 13 head of Angora kids were slaughtered to determine carcass characteristics. Than all carcasses were jointed to standart methods and procedures for goat carcass. Slaughter, warm and cold carcass weights, MLD (Musculus Longissimus dorsi) area and dressing percentage were found as follows:23.51 kg, 10.21 kg, 9.99 kg, 8.36 cm2, 42.49 % respectively.

Some carcass measurements were also taken on the cold carcass. Carcass length was found 52 cm, leg length, width and depth were found 21.96 cm, 5.19 cm and 6.81 cm respectively.

The average ratios of some valuable carcass joints in the cold carcass as front leg, longleg, neck, back-loin and flank were found % 20.90, % 32.00, % 10.30 % 24.00 and % 13.70 respectively.

In this experiment bone, muscle, subcutaneous fat and intramuscular for contents were found on whole carcasses and for each joint. According the cold carcass weights, bone, muscle subcutaneous fat and intramuscular fat proportions were; % 17.33, % 55.89, % 8.03 and % 11.57 respectively. Keywords :