Livestock Studies 1964, Vol 4, Num, 4     (Pages: 186-199)

First incidence of Mucosal Disease in Turkey Observed among cattle at the Lalahan Animal Breeding Research Institute-Clinical aspects

Sabri ÖNCÜL ,İsmail MERİÇ ,Fikri KORKUT

Viewed : 202 - For the first time in this country, Mucosal disease was encountered among the calves bred at the Lalahan Animal Breeding Research Institute, near Ankara. 22 of the 29 calves born in the 1964 calving season were affected. Of these 6 died and another 3 had to be slaughtered. 7 calves, born during the outbreak and taken to separate quarters soon after birth, were not affected, although there were possibilities for cantamination. The rate of morbidity was 81.5 % and mortality 37 %.

The disease prevailed from the mid febduary to the first week of May, and among calves 40 – 180 days of age. The adults were unaffected. No incidence of the disease could be traced in the nearby villages.

The major symptoms observed were fever, nasal discharge, tears, persistent diarrhea (often mixed with blood) repellent effort in the bowel losss of weight and lesions on the gums tong and lips. Lesions were not peresent on the feet to the contrary of some reports. A cloudy spot has been seen on the right eye`s cornea of a calf.

The attempts made for the treatment of diseased animals with drugs were not successfull. Keywords :