Livestock Studies 1964, Vol 4, Num, 4     (Pages: 200-213)

The effects of twice yearly shearing on mohair production mohair quality and kid production in Angora Goats


Viewed : 200 - The aim of this experiment. This experiment has been carried out to study the effects of twice yearly shearing on the quality and quantity of mohair in Angora Goats, and to obtain information on the breeding and manufacturing aspects of this practice.

A part of the Institute flock containing 60 does was randomly divided in to two equal groups (Experimental group and Control group). Experimental goats were shorn twice yearly, first shearing taking place in April and the second in October. Control goats were shorn once only in April.

On the average, the animals in the experimental group produced more mohair, har longer staple (sum of the April and October measurements) and finer mohair than those in the control group. On the other hand, they were inferieur to the controls in respect of liveweight, medullated kempy fibers, and of kid production.

The fabric obtained from the summer fleece of the experimental goats was of higher quality and brigthness than that obtained from year growth fleece of control. Keywords :