Livestock Studies 1961, Vol 1, Num, 11     (Pages: 087-098)

Studis on Body weighto of Awassi lambo at Çukurova State Farm


Viewed : 127 - This research has been prepared to find out the averages of birth weights and monthy body weights of Awassi lambs on Çukurova State Farm and to compare them with the results of Israel.

Materials are 123 male, 97 female, 41 twin male, 48 twin female lambs. These lambs were born on Çukurova State Farm in 1959.

Lambs have been scaled within 24 hours after lambing and every 30 th day until 6 th month.

The increase of daily and monthly gained body weights are shown on table 6. Growing is faster within the first three months. The speed of growing is a little slower in male lambs than female lambs. After third month.

The averages of birth weight which we found are less than the results of another research was made on the same population in 1954 and the averages of different flocks of Israel. The averages of body weights in our lambs at the weaning time are less 7.96 kg in male lambs an 4.169 kg in female lambs than the averages of the lambs at the same age in Israel. Because the Awassi ewes in Israel are milkier than ours. Keywords :