Livestock Studies 1961, Vol 1, Num, 11     (Pages: 099-118)


Süleyman KARA ,Kemal AKÖZ ,Naci SİNCER

Viewed : 129 - A fattening experiment has been done 10 head of Karakul and 10 head of Merino x Akkaraman (A kind of fat tail sheep) lambs at our Institute.

One head of lamb from Karakul group and one head Merino x Akkaraman crossbred lamb have been slaughtered for the control a the beginning the experiment one head of control lamb from each group which have been slaughtered and of the experiment have taken only hay and crushed barley. Four head of Merino x Akkaraman crossbred and four head of Karakul lambs have taken a basal ration without urea, four head of Merino x Akkaraman crossbred lambs and four Karakul lambs have taken a basal ration with urea. When the fattening of the lambs reached to th 60 the day by 10 day intervals from each group a head of lambs has been slaughtered a head lambs have been slaughtered at the beginning of 60 th day of the experiment.

Slaughtred lambs have been observed from the body weihgt yield and the regions of the body point of views and the results have been obtained which were as follows. The average meat yield was 44.14 percent in Karakul which had a basal ration and 42.36 percent in urea + basal ration for the same berea of lambs, the average meat yield of merino x Akkaraman crossbreds were as follows in basal rations group was 44.31 percent in basal ration + urea was 44.64 percent. Except tail all the body regions average weights of Merino x Akkaraman crossbred was higher than the others.

We reached to a result that if we add 1.5 percent urea on the basal ration it substitites the nitrogen of basal ration so we faund out that if we give required amount urea with basal ration it was not dangerous for the health of animal and saved a large amount of feed protein by this was of fattening. Keywords :