Livestock Studies 2000, Vol 40, Num, 2     (Pages: 075-084)

The Effects Of Restrıcted Feedıng And Consumptıon Of Cool Water On The Performance Of Broılers Reared Under Hot Clımate Condıtıons

Mehmet BOZKURT 1 ,Alper YILMAZER 1 ,Veysel AYHAN 2 ,Figen KIRKPINAR 3

1 Erbeyli İncir Araştırma Enstitüsü. AYDIN
2 Süleyman Demirel Üniv. Zir.Fak.Zootekni Böl.Yemler ve Hayvan Besleme A.B.D. ISPARTA
3 Ege Üniv. Zir.Fak.Zootekni Böl.Yemler ve Hayvan Besleme A.B.D. İZMİR
- The effects of two different quantitative restricted feeding methods and cooled drinking water consumption were investigated on the fattening performance and some slaughtering characteristics of broilers reared under hot climate conditions. A total of 1020 Avian daily broiler chicks were used in the trial performed in June. The chicks at 21 days of age were divided in to four groups equally at the beginning of the trial and each group has three replicates.

Any treatment had no significant effect on avarage final body weight (P>0.05), but sex effect was significant (P<0.01). Male broilers were heavier then females. Cool water consuming birds consumed more feed when compared ad libitum and resricted fed birds (P<0.05). Resricted fed birds performed lower feed convertion rate those compared ad libitum fed. Livability was numerously similiar during the three weeks experimental period.

While carcass yield, abdominal fat pad weight and ratio (%), breast weight ratio (%) were not affected by the treatments, feed restriction decreased breast weight of birds at slaughter age (P<0.05). Neither restriction methods nor cooled water consumption did not improve the final body weight of broilers compared with ad libitum fed broilers. Keywords : Broiler, heat stress, restricted feeding, cooled drinking water consumption