Livestock Studies 1998, Vol 38, Num, 2     (Pages: 103-115)

İn Vitro Fertilization İn The Bovine

Mustafa GÜNDOĞAN 1

1 Yard. Doç. Dr. A.K.Ü. Veteriner Fakültesi Dölerme ve Suni Tohumlama Anabilim Dalı, AFYON - This review includes the description, importance, technique and the made researchs of the in vitro fertilization in breeding bovine.

The fecundation mature oocytes out side the female tract is called in vitro fertilization (IVF). The advantage of this technique is that the more embryos can be produced with rather low cost.

A considerable progress has been given by recent studies on oocyte, sperm and embryo. İt may become possible to order in an IVF- laboratory embryos, that have been cultured in vitro from oocyte up to the morula or blastocyststage. Keywords : In vitro Fertilization, bovine