Livestock Studies 1994, Vol 34, Num, 1-2     (Pages: 025-037)

An Important Foot Disease in Cattle; Laminitis

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1 S. Ü. Veteriner Fakültesi, KONYA Viewed : 170 - Downloaded : 77 Laminitis is a diffuse aseptic inflammation of the corium of the claw. It may be subclinical, subacute, acute and chronic. Laminitis may be regarded as multifactorial disease. It is said to play an important role in the development of lameness in cattle. The primary disease process can lead to a pathologic response within the foot, resulting in decreased capillary perfusion, ischemia and necrosis of laminae. In the subclinical or subacute form laminitis is very widespread, although its economic importance is not appreciated. Diagnosis of the acute and chronic forms is easier because gait abnormalities and hoof deformation are more obvioussing. Proper management especially of diet and hoofcare is the best prevention for all types of laminitis. Keywords :