Livestock Studies 1971, Vol 11, Num, 1-2     (Pages: 003-012)

Studies on ten years breeding of Holsteins on Karacabey State farm, IV. Body conformation and mammary system


Viewed : 222 - Downloaded : 131 The purpose of this investigation was to demonstrate the state of some characteristics body measurements and type rating of mammary system of Holsteins on Karacabey State Farm.

The material of this investigation consisted of 63 cows, out of which 12 cows were originally imported animals in 1958. Body weight, wither height, body length and chest girth measurements were studied. Type rating of mamary system wasmade by one person uning unified score card.

It was found that Karacabey Holsteins had similar body measurements to Missouri Holsteins but they were smaller than Nebraska and Beltsville Holsteins Significant differences (P<0.01) were found among the sire progeny groups for all the characteristics studied. The standard errors and coefficients of variations of mean values were relatively low.

The mean values of type ratings of mammary system were low indicating that the mammary system was poor in the herd. The differences among the sire progeny groups were not significant.

It may be concluded that Karacabey Holsteins have a satisfactory body capacity and it may be further improved by selecting the young bulls among the progeny group which demonstrated larger body capacity. On the other hand it is more difficult to improve the weakness of the mammary system using the bulls selected in this herd. Keywords :