Livestock Studies 1967, Vol 7, Num, 4     (Pages: 131-136)

Studies about dilution and storage of ram semen VII


Viewed : 141 - Insemination possibilities of sheep with diluted ram semen was studied in this experiment.

Sheep inseminated with raw semen and diluted (CUE diluter) semen on research farm. Conception rate is 80 % and 57.7 % respectively.

Two kind of diluters were used in field trials. First is CUE diluter, second ise egg-yolk-sod. Sitrage-glycose diluter. Lambing result is 47.8 % and 57.09 % respectively.

Early studies with sodium sitrate-egg yolk-glycose diluter also gave better results than the other diluters. For this reason, field application with this diluter can be done successfully. Keywords :