Livestock Studies 1965, Vol 5, Num, 1     (Pages: 005-018)

Some important Wool characters and the percentage of different types of fibres determined by benzene method, In Merino x Karayaka ewes (F1) and (G1)


Viewed : 212 - The object of this study was to determine the wool characteristics of Merino x Karayaka ewes (F1) and their backcrosses to Merino (G1). In addition, the value of Karayaka and crossbred wools in respect of Carpet Manufacture was also investigated.

The mean values obtained for staple length and fiber diameter in Fı and Gı groups were as follows, respectively; 9.63 cm. and 8.68 cm., 27.75 mic. and 24.45 mic., the differences between the groups being significant for bot characters.

The results indicate that the wool from Karayaka sheep is of lower quality than standard carpet wool. And wool from F1 sheep is the most suitable for carpet manufacturing. The wool G1 animals were considered to be insuitable for this purpose, but could be used for worsted manufacture. Keywords :