Livestock Studies 1961, Vol 1, Num, 11     (Pages: 033-044)

Studies on the heritability of the milk production of Brown Swiss cows bred at karacabey State Farm

Alaettin KUTSAL ,Gültekin AKTAŞ

Viewed : 129 - We have done this study for the aim of to find out the heritability of milk production in Karacabey Brown Swiss cattle.

There are so many researches have been done on this subject. Information on these researches have been given at the summary of literature. The data were Brown Swiss at Karacabey State Farm. The cows which milk production were under kontrol from the estabilishment until the end of 1958-59 laction season.

We have insisted on to calculate the heritability of milk production by the known formulas and methods which are essential however we have carried out formulas and methods which are interested in repetability of milk production. From this point of view it is likely to accept the Karacabey Brown Swiss cattles heritability of milk production as 36,3 percent. Keywords :